Why Cleanse?

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Why cleanse? Do I really need to cleanse?

First of all, why cleanse? Why carry around the excess waste and toxins in your colon and body tissues? It can be incredibly beneficial to cleanse your body, through different means.* One can shed unwanted pounds of toxic waste through a Cleanse, in additional to so many other benefits.* A cleanse often times includes taking herbal supplements and/or restructuring your diet. There are different types of cleanses that which work for a specific organ such as the colon, liver, pancreas, and even the heart. Others target specific health problems, like Candida infections or an irritable bowel condition. Cleanses are believed to increase energy, improve concentration, and the immune system’s susceptibility to minor illnesses like colds.* It’s difficult to know if a body cleanse will entirely or partially relieve your symptoms, but most cleanse because they believe cleanses support overall health.*
Do some research on cleansing, or discuss with your doctor the specific health concerns that you have. Make sure that a body cleanse won’t pose any serious problems or interfere with any medical treatment you’re currently undergoing.

Consider reviewing the different types of cleansing programs. Find the cleanse that best suits both your needs and budget.

Recognize the symptoms that might indicate that you need to cleanse. They may include sluggishness, difficulty concentrating, frequent headaches, bad breath and skin problems, Candida infections and constipation.*

Consider why you want to do a body cleanse. Do you want to alleviate a general feeling of sluggishness or to increase a sense of health and well-being?* However, you don’t need to be suffering from a particular condition to do a body cleanse.*

Choosing Right Cleanse for You

Decide whether or not a specific body cleanse is practical for your lifestyle, or whether it will be too disruptive to your daily routine. Experiment by trying shorter cleanses that might just last a day or two. See if your body reacts predictably to the changes. Then adhere to whatever body cleansing plan you want to try. Make a commitment to do the plan exactly. Don’t stray from the plan in any way that might alter the results.

Tips & Warnings

First, drink extra water. You should consume at least double the recommended amount of 8 glasses (64oz) of water, which means 16 glasses (128 oz). This is necessary to assist in flushing toxins from your system.*
One should also do online research, even consult your physician before attempting any type of body cleanses or fast. Be sure to discuss any symptoms you’re experiencing. Make sure you’re not suffering from a more serious medical condition. Discontinue cleansing and seek immediate medical attention if side effects like gastrointestinal distress become too severe.

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