2-Step Cleanse and Detox

New and Improved System
  • gain more energy*
  • less “full” feeling*
  • regulate bowel movements*
  • eliminate toxins*

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What You Need to Know

What is 2-Step Cleanse?

Formulated to work as an effective digestive and entire-body internal cleanse.* Designed to complement the body’s natural forms of elimination, including bowel regulation, kidneys, lungs, skin and the lymph system.

Step 1 Digestive Cleanse*

Contains a special blend of 22 fibers and herbs to enhance bowel action and digestive function (promoting regular daily bowel movements).*

Step 2 Internal Detox*

A careful combination of 33 special herbs and botanicals that work in concert to promote the release of toxins that may be contained in the body from improper dietary habits and pollutants occurring in the environment.*

Cleanse. Your Body.

Read the research references and helpful pointers to see if 2-Step Cleanse and Detox™ is right for you.

Optimal Health Science is dedicated to research and development in the overall health and anti-aging field. We believe in continual development of the best formulas and techniques. Therefore we present independent third party information about your health, and what matters what matters perhaps even more – what works for you. We hope that you’ll find Optimal Health Science products a great value, an exceptional product, and what’s more…an integral part of your improved, more healthful lifestyle.

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2-Step Cleanse and Detox

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Why Cleanse? Do I really need to cleanse?

First of all why cleanse? Why carry around the excess waste and toxins in your colon and body tissues? It can be incredibly beneficial to cleanse your body, through different means. One can shed unwanted pounds of toxic waste through a Cleanse, in additional to so many other benefits. A cleanse often times includes taking an herbal supplements and / or restructuring your diet. There are different types of cleanses that which work for a specific organ such as the colon, liver, pancreas, and even the heart. Others target specific health problems, like Candida infections or an irritable bowel condition. Cleanses are believed to increase energy, improve concentration, and the immune system’s susceptibility to minor illnesses like colds. It’s difficult to know if a body cleanse will entirely or partially relieve your symptoms; but most cleanse because they believe cleanses support overall health.

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